Last time we learned that in 2002:

  • The final series’ of I’m Alan Partridge and The League of Gentlemen attracted far fewer viewers than one might expect.
  • Paul Kaye may not be the best idea for game show host, but…

Last time we learned:

  • More people watched critical clunkers ‘Orrible, Perfect World and Dr Terrible’s House of Horrible than the first series of The Office.

For all the moaning about the whatever might be on it at any given time, British television is unquestionably one of our main cultural exports (along with snooty bad guys in American action films and bland 21st century pop). While everyone everywhere knows the likes of Mr Bean, Who Wants…

LAST TIME we learned that in the Year 2000:

  • Gimme Gimme Gimme was more popular then than EastEnders is now
  • The Fitz could get into a top ten of Most Watched…

Snappy title, I know. Cheers.

For comedy fans in the UK, there are several historically significant timeslots where the best candidates tended to hang out. Such as Channel 4 on Friday nights after 9pm, where everything from Friends to TV Offal could be seen, or ITV on Sunday nights at…

Sky Gone, more like.

What with Sky One set to join the likes of Bravo, Carlton Select and U>Direct on Wikipedia’s list of defunct UK television channels from 1 September 2021, it’s probably time to reflect on what we’re waving goodbye to.

Sky themselves don’t seem to be doing anything to mark the passing…

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